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free nmiationDr Napoli Fiatro St. Croix
has written a book entitled: Dela Paz: Donde El Rio Termina El Lago Empieza, Where the River Ends the Lake Begins. It is a 445 page pictorial history book. It is somewhat akin to all the small villages in the world during the Spanish Era. The beauty, the serenity, and tranquility of this once sleepy village are now long gone. It is back to the future, if you will! It is very nostalgic and brilliantly written to bring you back in time where there were no telephones, TV nor electronic gadgets of communications. Just face to face visits, where people all knew each other strengths and weakness.

The cultures, mores, and traditions of this once sleepy village have all been compromised. Is it good or bad? Is there a climate change in the world, as most people think?

This history book is for educational purpose only, as it has been copyrighted and registered at the library of USA congress. It is the purpose of this blog to let you know that such book is in existence, for this is the only book or written material about Dela Paz. This book could be a resource material for teachers to use in teaching of Social Studies and Literature.

From the natives of Dela Paz in the shinning seas of California to the desert of Sahara, this is a calling for all of you out there…get a copy and give a donation to the …… LA PAROLA  de la PAZ..   in helping the poorest of the poor.Since this book can not be sold and nor bought, only donations are accepted for a copy. The printing of this book is very expensive and can not be shouldered by Dr. Croix alone. The first very limited copies are printed by Colorwise, Inc, in Roswell, Georgia USA. The Torchlight needs your help. The author is not receiving any compensation nor royalty for this book; except to retain its copyright. Probably some day it will be free in the ebook format. Therefore, cross your fingers. Thank you very much. God bless you and God Speed!!! For the meantime, contact:, for more information.


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