La Parola de la Paz * The Lighthouse of Peace

by Dr. Mapoli Fiatro St. Croix

Date: January 13, 2015 Category:

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WELCOME EVERYONE ! This website is created for La Parola de la Paz * The Lighthouse of Peace. It is a humble movimieto infantil whose mission is helping in its littlest ways possible the poorest of the poor children in the Village of Peace. PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE * ONE WORLD ONE PEOPLE. Its mission could only be accomplished with your help by patronizing the books written by Dr. Napoli Fiatro St. Croix. The history book Dela Paz: Donde El Rio Termina El Lago Empieza is written for educational purpose only and has been donated to La Parola de la Paz. Your generous donation is needed and a free copy of this book is given in return. This book is the only edition available because of the its very expensive printing and will not be printed again. However, All the children’s literature books of Dr. Croix  are available for sale at and all its proceeds are given freely to the La Parola de la Paz * The Lighthouse of Peace. Kindly visit and get a copy or two of these riveting stories for children. Therefore, just write Dr. Croix’s books and kindle at! Please…Thank you ! Marci ! Gracias ! Grazie ! God bless and God speed !!! 

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